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A young woman is horrified to discover that a menacing stranger is trying to break into her house. Even with the house secure, Jill realizes that the visitor is simply going house to house, searching for a victim. Any victim will do . . .

A Visitor by Bret Miller

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Connect with the Filmmaker:
Instagram: bretmiller_filmmaker
Twitter: bretmiller_film
Facebook: facebook.com/bret.miller.735

A Visitor: Credits
Writer & Director - Bret Miller
Producers - Emily Nichols, Bret Miller, Adam Rock
Executive Producer - Victor Lord
Starring - Molly Gibson & Erik Steele
Director of Photography - Adam Rock
Production Designer - Pat Bird
Editor - Davis Nixon
Music Composer - Sam Redfern
Gaffer - Steve VanMaele
Colorist - Patrick Sexton
Sound Designer - Gabe Sayre

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