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When three women friends sense danger on a camping trip, they keep each other laughing until a horrible revelation makes them feel more alone than ever.

3 Days by Julie Sharbutt

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More About "3 Days" :
When Bel wakes up in the night on a camping trip to a noise outside her tent, she looks to her friends Lexi and Carrie for calm. They tease her and each other about their fears. As the noise moves closer, they go over the trip together and tamp down their concerns as overly cautious. When it becomes undeniable that something is outside, Bel talks about the reasons she wanted the independence of a trip away and what that means to her now. With the danger looming right outside, Carrie and Lexi convince Bel to run, and say that if something happens, they'll find her in three days.

"3 Days" Credits
Written and Directed by Julie Sharbutt
Produced by Sean Mullin
Produced by Jeanne Drewsen (Mercer Arts & Letters)
Produced by Matt Miller (Vanishing Angle)
Cinematography by Katherine Castro
Edited by Stephen J. Murray
Score by James Craft
Assistant Camera McKenzie Raycroft
Starring Liz Wisan as "Bel"
Starring Zoey Martinson as "Carrie"
Key Grip Natalia Majette
Production Sound Gabe Cyr
Sound Editor Jody Abbott
Colorist Tory Harder

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