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Durga | Full Ep 1330 | 13th Mar 2019 | Odia Serial – TarangTV

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While Durjay and Stuti are doing Aarti, their hands touch each other and there is a golden spark and then there is a light from the Shiv ling that appears as a flash and at a distance a snake is formed which is golden in color.

After the accidental marriage of Durjay and Stuti, there is no husband wife relationship between them as stuti does not like him. But Durjay as a saviour always cares and protects Durga and Aditya. On the other side the headless body always tries to kill Durga and Aditya but Durjay always saves them. Now will Sthiti get to know about Durjay's this Kindness act and will both of them fight against that headlessbody together?

Monday-Saturday at 8.30 p.m. only on Tarang TV.

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