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Battlefield 5 Throwing Knife + Cosmetic Customization and Perks

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The first day of recording I was trying to avoid using the Sniper class as I've already used it quite a bit in previous videos so I did not find out about the throwing knife until the second day, sorry :(

0:00 Throwing Knife
2:21 Cosmetic Customization
8:58 Perks / Combat Roles

Presented by EA Game Changers

Looking forward to shenanigans related to it. There is damage drop off and as you can see all the one shot kills with it were at close range. I believe you can prime it like a grenade ( it uses the grenade slot for Sniper ) so you have less of a delay with that animation.

We didn't have everything unlocked or credits available the first day so judging by the credits I did get in that amount of time it will probably take quite some time to unlock all skins and camo. But at least they don't all look bad and you can make a pretty unique character. Side note I didn't see any cyborg arms or samurai swords....yet. Anyways I wanted to show what will currently be available for the game so you can get headstart on coming up with your soldier's appearance.

Perks = Combat Roles at this point if that wasn't clear to everyone.

Also the map you see in the first throwing knife clips is called Arras.

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